RCW stock the widest range of battery packs on the African continent. Many completely obsolete models are still standard stock items.

NOVA branded Battery Packs are available in 3 different grades of cells which are used to produce the GOLD, PLATINUM and DIAMOND (with most models carrying up to a 2yr warranty) series of batteries.

The Platinum/Diamond series packs use Panasonic or Sanyo cells and are sold throughout the world from our factory in Hong Kong. The rapid and standard battery chargers represent true versatility in that the cups are interchangeable. The six way rapid charger is state of the art and also employs interchangeable cups.


The remote speaker microphone range (RSM) comes in two distinctive model types for a variety of portable two way radios.

Our Audio Headsets cover the entire range from low cost rental styles to Military specification.

The portable range of antennas embraces all modern and many obsolescent connector types. Midband, Highband, UHF and GSM versions are available with all popular connectors. Quantity dependant, any connector type can be accommodated for your specific requirements. Standard stock items have SMA,MX, TNC and BNC terminations.


1. ANT-P-400 Series Midband Portable Antennas

1.1 Midband Portable Antenna Cutting Chart

2. ANT-P-402 Midband Portable Antennas

2.1 Midband Portable Antennas Cutting Chart

3. ANT-P-500 Highband Portable Antennas

3.1. VHF Highland Portable Antennas Cutting Chart

4. ANT-P-556 Dual Band Portable Antennas – Foldable

5. ANT-P-700 Series UHF Portable Antennas

6. Antenna – UHF Portable Antenna Cutting Chart

7. ANT-P-700 Series UHF Stubby Portable Antennas

8. ANT-P-550 to ANT-P-554 Nova Flex Portable Antennas

8.1. Dual Band Portable Antenna Cutting Chart-Length

9. ANT-P-900-Mx-Socket-to-Mount-Portable-Antennas-to-Magnetic-Basis

10. ANT-P-950-3.5dBi-and-ANT-P-951-2.5dBi-GSM-Portable-Antennas

11. ANT-P-950 3.5dBi GSM Portable Antennas

12. ANT-P-850 MTH800 – MTP850 GPS Portable Antenna

13. Advantages and Duty Cycle of Nova Batteries

14. ANT-P-952 LTE Quad Band Folding Antenna

15. ANT-M-500 and ANT-M-700 Magnetic Base Antennas

16. BAT-102 for Motorola GP300

17. BAT-110 for Motorola CP040-CP140-DP1400

19. BAT-120 for Kenwood KNB14-15 and HYT TC268-368

20. BAT-152 for Icom BP209 – 210

21. Batteries – Portable Radio

22. BAT-163 for Kenwood KNB17

23. BAT-171 for Motorola MTH800 – MTP850

24. BAT-750B 6 Way Charger – Tri Chemistry

25. BAT-802CP MTH800 – MTP850 Dual Charger

26. BAT-808TR Power Adaptor

27. BAT-824TR – BAT-808TR Battery Chargers Single Unit

28. BAT-824TR and BAT-808TRSP Power Adaptor

29. Batteries – Duty Cycle – Short description

30. Batteries – NOVA

31. Battery Charger Accessories

32. Battery Charger Single Unit

33. Battery Charger Truth Table

34. Battery Charging Procedure Rapid Rate and 6 Way

35. Coaxial Adaptors BNC Female to ……..

36. Audio Accessories – Listen Only

37. Audio Accessories – Acoustic Tube

38. Audio Accessories – D-Shape

39. Audio Accessories – Heavy Duty Speaker Microphone HED-800SP

40. Audio Accessories – Heavy Duty

41. Audio Accessories – Speaker Microphone

42. Audio Accessories – Adaptors

43. Audio Accessories – Selection

44. Carry Cases Sizes

45. POW-106SMM plus POW-105DB 5 Way Battery Bank

46. Heavy Duty Carry Cases – Leather

47. MOT-P-440 Nylon Carry Case and MOT-P-451 Chest Harness

48. POW-105DB 1 to 5 Way Power Distribution

49. Types of NOVA Batteries

50. Flashing LED Diagnosis for NOVA Chargers



IMPORTANT: The Products illustrated and described herein are standard stock items. RCW are however able to source many hundreds of other products (at short notice) from leading manufacturers around the world.