We have a wide variety of back-end and accessory security products specifically catering for DC power requirements. We have a range of channelled power supplies with battery back-up facility like the one in picture.


ANT-B-900 GSM Base Antennas

ANT-M-951 3dBI GSM Mobile-Base Antennas

ANT-M-952 6dBI GSM Mobile-Base Antennas

BAT-300 7Ah 12V Sealed Lead Acid Battery

BAT-302 18Ah 12V Sealed Lead Acid Battery

BAT-306 8Ah 12V Gel Battery

BAT-307 9Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

BAT-808TR Power Adaptor

BAT-824TR – BAT-808TR SP Power Adaptor

BAT-824TR UK W Power Adaptor

CAB-105A Stranded Coaxial Cable


CAB-110 – 111 – 112 Comms Cable

CAB-150 Stranded Coaxial Cable plus 2 Power Cables

CAB-150A Solid Coaxial Cable plus 2 Power Cables

CAB-226 CCTV Passive Video Balun

CAB-227 CCTV Video Balun

CAB-229 CCTV Video Ground Loop Isolator

CAB-250-251-253 Rip Cord

CAB-260 Rip Cord White Flex + Black Marker

CAB-261 Ripcord 0.2mm White

CAB-303 DC Cable plus Terminal Block

CCTV AC-DC Adaptor Specs

CCTV Power Adaptors

CON-905 Single Channel Video Surge Protection

Connectors BNC Coaxial RG59

POW-100 – 101and BAT-808TR

POW-104A 3A CCTV Power Adaptors

POW-105 5A CCTV Power Adaptors

POW-105DB CCTV Power Distribution

POW-106BB Dual Meter Base Station Power Supply

POW-106SMM – 107SMM – 108SMM – 109SMM Switch Mode Power Supply

POW-107BBT Dual Meter Base Station Power Supply

POW-107BBTMK1 Base Station Power Supply

POW-107BBWM 9 Channel 12A CCTV Power Supply

POW-111 30A Rack Mount Switch Mode Power Supply

POW-111B 30A Base Station Switch Mode Power Supply

POW-111BBU Battery Back-up Exchange Box

POW-122 5A 12VDC Power Supply

POW-122-9 9 Channel 8.3A CCTV Power Supply

POW-123-9 9 Channel 15A CCTV Power Supply

POW-123-18 18 Channel 25A CCTV Power Supply

POW-124-18 18 Channel 30A CCTV Power Supply

POW-125-18 5A 12V DC Power Supply

POW-206 Convertor (Non-isolated)

POW-207 Convertor (Non-isolated)

POW-209 Convertor (Non-isolated)

POW-300 AC Power Supply

POW-302A AC Power Supply

POW-160250 AC Power Supply

SOL-201 Solder Hot Air Station

TES-101 CCTV Multimeter Tester

TES-401 Frequency Counter SC-1

TES-402 Frequency Counter SC-1

TOO-100 Coaxial Cable Crimping Tool

TOO-200 Coaxial Cable Crimping Tool

TOO-211 Lan Crimp Tool with Tester

TOO-300 Security Camera


IMPORTANT: The Products illustrated and described herein are standard stock items. RCW are however able to source many hundreds of other products (at short notice) from leading manufacturers around the world.